26th Annual Rabies Vaccine Programme

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Don’t let the dairy industry treat these smart, sensitive animals like commodities rather than living beings. They deserve better life. It's time to wean, please buy animal-cruelty free products. Choose compassion over cruelty.

This new born female calf was dumped in the middle of the street to survive on her own. She was not safe on this busy street so we requested to Nepal Scout Office for keeping her inside until we arrange vehicle and manpower, but they denied. We were very near to DDC Nepal (Dairy Development Corporation) office, we requested them for helping us to provide vehicle as there were many pick up vans standing inside their office and we couldn't find any vehicle around there for more than an hour, but they said "No, we can't give authority to use company's vehicle". Why humanity is vanishing in the world?

However, we rescued this little beautiful calf and brought to our shelter.

28th Sept 2019 is WORLD RABIES DAY.
11 ASWIN 2076 Saturday
We are doing vaccine programme to stop Rebies diseases on that day. Pls bring all your dogs (AREA: Gaushalaa, Chabahil., Guheswari and Pinglasthaan

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Event Details