3 Days Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

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"Fron Stress to Self-Realization"
3 Days Workshop!

The Way of Experience
Experience is the source from which real knowledge begins.

We learn a lot from many sources like scriptures, spiritual lectures and modern books on spirituality. But as the lecture ends or we finish reading the book, we remain the same as before. Experience is the gold that backs the currency of knowledge. Without experience, all knowledge stays abstract and hollow. It is not yet ours.

Heartfulness is a path of experiencing our inner Self. It teaches us to dive deep into our heart, and be in a natural state of love, peace, and calmness. When practiced regularly, meditation helps us become in tune with our heart and develop the capacity to remain poised and balanced at all times.

Heartfulness meditation is a practical technique that can be used in parallel with any other spiritual approach.

Try Heartfulness meditation on your own
and see how you feel.

A meditation session with yogic transmission can help you to perceive the effects of meditation more deeply. We invite you to experience the unique benefits of yogic transmission in a guided session with a Heartfulness trainer. There are no charges for any of the Heartfulness meditation sessions.

Master Trainers:
1. Mr. Puran Chand
- Heartfulness Meditation Nepal coordinator
- 20+ years heartfulness practitioner
2. Ms. Maya Gurung
-Heartfulness Coordinator

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Date: 26, 27 & 28 Jan 2020
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 a.m
Entrance: Refreshment charge

** eSewa Booking: 9840297667

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