AITB Conference 2019

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Visioning the relevant alignment with the world progress in technology, British college is proud to organise an international conference on “Artificial Intelligence for Transforming Business” on November 5th/6th at Kathmandu, Nepal.

The main aim of this conference is to create a platform to bring together academics and industry experts and allow them to share their research findings, experience, and expertise in the field of AI. The conference will highlight the latest innovations in AI, their applications in various industries, the potential in transforming industry practices and the challenges in implementing them. The conference will also provide students with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in AI technology as well as its implications to organisational success. This will be crucial in providing students with valuable guidance to identify gaps in the market and develop innovative products and services.

In addition, this conference will provide awareness about threats of losing jobs in the global market due to lack of knowledge in AI. It will also provide countermeasures to overcome this situation.


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