Art 25 – Live Painting Competition

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In September, Art 25 will head to City Centre Mall at Kamalpokhari for our annual Dashain and Art celebration. You can join Art 25 as an artist or simply come and be part of the live audience and vote for your favourite artwork.

Art 25 is a live painting competition, a show of speed painting skills within 25 minutes. Our judges and the audience members will choose winners from 3 exciting rounds of brushstroke battles and winners take home prize hampers.
To add surprise and mystery to the mix, every round will be based on a theme that will only be announced at the beginning of the round.

Round 1: Children (8-12 years old)

Round 2: Adults (18 and above)

Round 3: Adults (18 and above)

live painting Competition

Free for both artist and Public

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Event Details