Celebrating Constitution Day: Model Provincial Assembly

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Kathmandu School of Law, Cognition Club and Model Provincial Assembly Society are organizing the "Model Provincial Assembly" on the occasion of Constitution Day. B.A.L.L.B. 1st Year students of Kathmandu School of Law who are interested to apply for this program are requested to send an email of interest to cognitionclub1@gmail.com

We aim to:

- Provide platform for youths to experience policy-making, social dialogues and debates
- Help students build strategic communication skills, public speaking skills, problem solving skills through dialogues and discussions
- Facilitate the meaningful connections among the youths and stakeholders (members of parliament, policy makers, policy analysts)
- Integrate this program in the extracurricular activities of schools/colleges

"Be a Member of Parliament in a Constitution Day"


Their is no registration fee. However, once the participants are selected for main conference after the workshops, they are required to deposit the commitment fee of Nrs. 200 at the workshop which will be refunded in the conference.

It’s the simulation of the provincial assembly. The concept is to provide the idea on ‘how the provincial assembly functions’ in an interactive and informative manner. From understanding the fundamentals of federalism to the decision/policy making process, the participants will be acquainted with the proceedings of the provincial assembly.

the participants will role-play as a member of provincial assembly. They will represent certain constituencies, minority groups, experts, as representation through nomination as well as election. We will set certain members as elected members from constituencies as well as through nominations as per the provision of the province assembly.

- Conduct preparatory workshop on the structure and functions of the provincial assembly (PS: Province is the right word, we often mistook it with ‘state’)
- Conduct mock session about the state assembly (congratulations!, you found it, the correct word is ‘province’)
- Select the best performing participants and organize model provincial assembly
- Awards to encourage the best performing participants
- Publish articles about the proceedings and the role of youths in the state assembly
- Facilitate the participants to share the learning at their colleges to other students

-Enthusiastic Grade +2, A - levels or equivalent to high school running or in a gap year
- Age group 16 - 20
-Available to attend one workshop (3 hours) on 17th September and the Model Provincial Assembly on 20th September i.e 'Constitution Day'

We are the members of MPA Society Nepal which aims to promote the understanding of federalism, inclusive democracy, good governance,and the rule of law among youth.

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