Comedy Room #3

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The only place for Class Comedy in K-Town.

Comedy Room is a special showcasing of some of the finest standup comedians of K-Town that takes place in one of the finest eateries with a legacy of class ambience - Attic, Gyaneshwor. Organized by The StoryYellers, Comedy Room will be exclusive showcase, incorporating very limited audience.

We have very limited seats in the room, so you might want to book your seats by filling in the google form here:

So, tighten your seatbelts this Saturday, as our comedians Aasun Bhandari, Alan Jung Thapa and Shailee Basnet create the laughter riot in Attic.
ComedyKid FriendlyStand-up comedy

Shailee Basnet
Aasun Bhandari
Alan Jung Thapa
Comedy Circle
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With a complementary Beer

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