Discussion on Improvisational Dialogue and Leadership

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Discussion on Improvisational Dialogue and Leadership
Flemming Toft is an independent consultant, researcher / stud PhD. and musician specializing in leadership and innovation focusing on creativity under paradoxical and complex conditions. He is currently doing his Ph.D. at Antwerp University, where his field of research is within leadership, innovation, improvisation and dialogue.

With organizations facing rapid and uncertain changes, the role of a leader demands the ability to act right upon complexities which require constant rewiring of the way they think. Flemming invites us into the world of improvisation and introduces us to how it can increase our awareness, in relation to leading, navigating and creating in complex contexts. Acting as a catalyst to assemble the organization's diverse competencies, in creative and meaningful ways may not be familiar for the most which calls for new and different dialogues and overlooking these might lead in reaping the whirlwind. Some of the area topics being covered at the event are leadership, co-creation, complexity, emergence, improvisation and so on. Thus, Flemming's integrative approach will allow us to dive deeper in the nature and dynamics of improvisation so as to learn and get inspired from it.
1) Improvisational leadership
2) Why improvisation?
3) Strategic creative management
4) The exploratory and decision-making
5) Complexity - acting in uncertainty

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