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Entrepreneurial Motivation 2019 will be held on 21st September 2019 (Ashoj-04, 2076, Saturday). Entrepreneurial motivation is going to be held with the aim of transforming an ordinary individual to a powerful Entrepreneur, who can create opportunities and helps in maximizing wealth and economic development. The primary objective of this event is to identify individual strength and opportunities which help in the realization of one’s dreams for designing, developing and running a new business (Venture) by facing threats and risks effectively.
To achieve our primary objective, we will be having conference and series of entrepreneurship seminar cum workshop. We aim to attract more than 150 participants who have desire, willingness and enthusiasm to become entrepreneurs. We will also be inviting distinguished businessman, entrepreneurs and social activist as a guest speaker or panel discussion.
Motivation makes entrepreneur by fulfilling higher level needs such as recognition, esteem, and self-actualization. Various theories explained motivation as an influencing concept, it can bring out hidden talents and creativity, and it contributes to the individual goals and society development.
We sincerely hope that your Organization/Institution/Company will be willing to support “Entrepreneurial Motivation Seminar 2019” as supporter, and sponsor to enhance the success of this mega event. We express our sincere gratitude for your kind cooperation and support for the success of this event.

 This event is National level event and the Speakers of the event are Nationally Renowned Personalities.
 To identify individual strength and opportunities to become entrepreneur in transitional economic and business world.
 Speaker from diverse background will crack the innovative and creative start-up IDEAS to gain competitive advantages in business world.
 Every session will be followed by panel discussion.
 Networking opportunities among investor and start-up ideas generator.
 Upon the successful participation in this seminar, the participants will have been equipped with the most up-to-date ideas, easy-to-use techniques and simple-to-apply innovative and creative practices for start-up.

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Event Details