Himalayan Sound Healing Training

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Best Sound Healing Therapy in Nepal –

Feeling tired, stressed or low in energy? Can’t even remember the last time you felt truly relaxed and joyful? Difficulties sleeping? We feel you. And we know what to do about it.
Come to Sound Healing in Kathmandu to ease your troubles. This method has been time-tested during thousands of years to improve many areas of our life. It has been used by the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations and can be found in the Vedic scriptures of India. There are Shamans in indigenous tribes that still use the practice today, such as the Native American Navajo people.
Through the sounds of singing bowls, the healer helps to restore balance in the body. The sound vibrations resonate from a close distance with your body and invite you to experience the depths of your existence. The use of music and sound as a therapeutic tool is a simple, non-invasive process that can bring the mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance.

Basic level

Opening session, introduction, history of Sound Healing and Therapy. Learn to play singing bowls, learn to choosing singing bowls, uses of singing bowls, chakras, Vedic way of sound healing and therapy, mantra, mudra, yantra. Tibetan way of sound healing and therapy, water therapy, revision, certificate, gratitude and closing session.

7 Days Advanced

Opening session, Mandala making, secret mantras, 7 chakra advanced, brainwave, entrainment, 12 chakra therapy and healing, warm water therapy, sound bath, gong healing, bells, tingsa, dorie, chakra meditation, sound yoga, transformation, and self healing, gratitude, closing session.

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