Hip-Hop Jatra | Stand-up & Rap Tour 2019

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Hip-hop Jatra is set to be a hip-hop riot featuring the finest rappers from Kathmandu as we plan on taking released and unreleased music by Nasty, Wondergods, Spark, RN, V$X, and Bizuli on a Nepal-wide tour. To add a twist to this line-up, we have Pranesh Gautam and/or Bishal Gautam opening the shows with fresh stand-up comedy sets.

The ever-growing scene of Nepali hip-hop has demonstrated huge potential and, on multiple occasions, has had collaborations from like-minded partners which proved to be hugely beneficial for all parties involved. Hip-hop Jatra is meant to do exactly the same.

Combining these giant individual forces who are very talented in their own right, the line-up we have to offer is one of the most electric set of performers to have contributed to Nepali hip-hop. To add to that, we have a twist of stand-up comedy which is bound to sweep the crowd off its feet.

We have a vision of show-casing this set of talent with very richly-produced shows throughout Nepal in major cities such as Kathmandu, Dharan, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Butwal. This will be the first time we are getting to see a stand-up comedian and an exhilarating set of rap performers on stage

Pranesh Gautam
Satnd Up Comedy
Bishal Gautam
Comedy Circle

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Event Details