HUBCommunity – BOOK Christmas Tree Build & Book Swap

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Join the community for an evening of building a Book Christmas Tree, Book Swap, mulled wine, fruit punches and cookies.

Come bring a book for a Christmas look. Give back a book for each book you took.
"You are not done with a book until you pass it to another reader" - Donalyn Miller .
We are having a book exchange event again!! Cause once was not enough. This time around it will be slightly different because we will also build a Christmas tree of books stacked on top of each other, along with sipping some mulled wine, fruit punch and nibbling delicious cookies.
Bring along some books of your choice, share it with likeminded people, give and take book experiences.
Children are highly encouraged to join.
P.s. The books that go on the tree will be donated to a worthy education charity, once the season is over.

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Event Details