HUBMovie – A Story of Sustainability in Rural Nepal

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Conscious Impact: A story of sustainability in rural Nepal video screening will showcase the last four years of Conscious Impact's work in Sindhupalchok, Nepal. Conscious Impact's programs have supported rural community members in earthquake reconstruction and furthermore in long-term, sustainable, community-collaborative development projects. Their project also engages volunteers and service learners, exemplifying sustainable, community living set in a beautiful rural Nepali village. Visitors engage in the sustainable service projects for and with local community members while being immersed in the beauty of culture and landscapes the region has to offer.

‘Conscious Impact: A story’ Video was created by Jonathan H. Lee of Subtledream Photography ( @subtledream). Jonathan is a professional photographer and videographer who has supported Conscious Impact's work since 2015. As the lead media content creator, he has been able to create a comprehensive view of Conscious Impact's story in this video production, a work of soul and art. When not in Nepal with Conscious Impact, Jonathan can be found editing creating content for other non-profits and social-good organizations or off on an adventure, capturing the beauty of people and places around the Pacific Northwest in the US and the globe. Jonathan is passionate about climate responsibility, human consciousness, and volunteering his professional skillsets to projects near and dear to him.

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