Intellect Youth Meet 2020

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The Nepalese education system often focuses only on the need to get good grades but not on life-skills and practicality. Students are often 'spoon-fed' the syllabus and much learning is done through rote methods. This is the reason students aren’t able to quickly adopt self- learning and self-discipline which is crucial to advancing one’s career. Realizing this, Nepal Youth Council has always worked and organized different conferences, boot-camps, and trainings to help youths realize the potential and possibilities in the field they want to pursue in the future. In similar context, Nepal Youth Council, with an aim of helping youths progress in their journey of building a career, has worked and organized youth-focused event to help youths in this very matter. Taking the culture further, Nepal Youth Council is coming up with a new event i.e. Intellect Youth Meet 2020. Intellect Youth Meet 2020 will house 1000+ young, enthusiastic, and dynamic minds in a single bowl and help them choose a career they want to pursue in the future.


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Event Details