Kathmandu Board Game Night

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Our regular weekly game night! We welcome both newcomers and regulars!

But how does it work?(and other FAQs)
- There are some board games at the location, and some of our regulars know how to play some of them.
-Look for a QR code either on the box or on the rulebook, If you scan it will take you to a youtube video with an easy to follow tutorial on how to play the game. Viber has a QR code reader.
- No worries if your completely new, there is usually a friendly face to introduce to a game.
- If you own any games that you feel comfortable teaching feel free to bring them along
- Start times: 6pm, but do announce if you are arriving earlier, as some people do join before that.
- Fell free to ask people to join you for a game in advance.

Board games available at the location: Ticket to Ride Europe, Smash up, Carcassonne: Star Wars, Coup: The resistance, Zombies!, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Splendor, Farkle.

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Event Details