Making Policy Choices in a Climate of Uncertainties

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Research Seminar Series
Making Policy Choices in a Climate of Uncertainties: A Case Study from Nepal
Labisha Uprety, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

12 November 2019/२६ कात्तिक २०७६ (मंगलबार, दिउँसो ३ बजे)
Martin Chautari Seminar Hall, Thapathali, Kathmandu

This paper looks at the how education policy choices are made by local policy actors when the larger socio- political state is still in a state of transition. It does so by situating the question in the newly federal state of Nepal by examining local actors involved in making education policy decisions as a case study in a rural municipality area. The study is enabled by a framework that utilizes the concept of the policy network, in addition to looking at actors’ resources and their dependencies on each other which explains who can influence policy choices and based on what. The study further utilizes the concept of uncertainties to make sense of how the currently transitioning socio-political system affects local actors’ abilities to make policy decisions. The research highlights that policy decisions are influenced by multiple actors, but some wield more power and influence over decisions based on resources they own and resource dependencies they have with other actors. It then states that policy decisions are driven by personal interests, and policy or policy changes are strategies by which actors try to incrementally increase their resource base and power.

Labisha Uprety
Former Research and Communications Officer
Samriddhi Foundation
Interested in research and policy. Policy research areas engaged in so far include: education, labor regulations and company exit. Knowledgeable on building organizational communications strategy. Also previously engaged in helping the Nepalese debating scene grow. Currently in Europe pursuing a Master's in Education Policy.

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