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When translated, the Sanskrit word for Mantra literally means 'tool for the mind.' Through the recitation of sacred words and syllables such as Om, the constant chatter of the mind comes into stillness and a sense of calm descends over the body. The sound vibrations as you chant release hormones that help to balance the nervous system and over time bring healing to your entire being, mind, body & soul.
If you have ever wondered why being in the presence of some people brings an automatic sense of peace and joy and you want to cultivate this energy within yourself. Or thought about why Mantra have such a powerful effect on the body and how to meaningfully use Mantra to help transform your vibrations, then join Ramesh for a 90 minute workshop to discover the science behind sacred sound.

Date: January 29
Time: 6 Pm – 7:30 Pm
Cost : NPR 1500

Npr. 1500
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