Mix Us Happy 2019 Season 2 Grand Finale

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WEDNESDAY| 18th DEC.| 2019

Introduction About The Event:

Mix Us Happy is a programme that aims to provide the best DJ experience to the public through a series of training sessions and a showcase at the end of the programme.
Starting in 2015 as a small programme with 8 contestants, Mix Us Happy has successfully grown into an annual programme spanning across 2 countries (Singapore and Vietnam) over the past few years. Each batch comprised of 30 participants who learn the art of DJ-in through a 4-month intensive training programme that ends with a showcase allowing them to show to the world what they have learnt.
Throughout the 4-month training programme, participants will learn all the basic techniques from beat matching to phrase mixing, including advanced mixing techniques such as Tone Play, Word Play, as well as a basic grasp on Scratch Techniques.


Mix Us Happy is a marathon that anyone can join without any experience.
The focus is not about being a winner, but a journey that most DJs will dream of.
From the start, Mix Us Happy will not be marketed as a DJ battle or Competition. Instead, it is promoted as providing a stage for participants to perform within a few months. In order to do so, the participants will need to leverage on the entire Mix Us Happy group – from instructors to peers, to help one another prepare for their performance.
All of the focus is on the performance on the day itself, and that is where participants show their true friendship bond, support and encouragement for one another. No matter the results, we want participants to feel that they have another family they belong to, called Mix Us Happy.


- Creating new DJs and building a customer base.
Teach the participants every button on the assigned DJ console.
- Record the journey of the participants to create a virtuous cycle of growth:
- To create content for Mix Us Happy.
- To use the content to promote the brand and culture of Mix Us Happy.
- To promote the brand and culture in order to inspire more people to join Mix Us Happy which is the key to our success.
- Generate sales and marketing opportunities for our partners (e.g. equipment manufacturers, clubs and music festivals).
- Build an army of DJs for Mix Us Happy.

Event Description:
- Brief Introduction of Mix Us Happy
- Product Launch
- Start of Mix Us Happy 2019 Season 2 Grand Finale
- Briefing of Muh
- Winner Disclose
- After Party till late night


Hailing from Singapore, EKO has achieved a diverse portfolio in his DJ career. Working closely with his mentor DJ MASS and his fellow collaboraters at DJSENTER, EKO has played at various stages around ASIA which include ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL SINGAPORE, ZOUK SINGAPORE and MARQUEE SINGAPORE.
Besides his work as a performer, EKO works with his agency and pioneer DJ to run Mix Us Happy, an annual program held by Pioneer DJ that aims at community outreach teaching people from various walks of life and age groups the love of DJing. Through this program he has been able to work with large brands such as Ultra Music Festival and It’s The Ship, hosting training workshops during the festivals.
EKO has recently also come back from running Mix Us Happy in Guam.
EKO also works with his team to run IT’S A Trap!, a monthly night at Zouk Singapore that promotes Trap and Urban music.

Supporting act: DJ PUNIT, DJ YAFUU, DJ ASHOK


Location: Chhaya Complex , Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

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