Narrative Impact: Storytell Your Way Into College

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Designed at Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership, "Narrative Impact: Storytell Your Way Into College" prepares you to identify and address adaptive challenges through impactful and personal storytelling.

Students looking to transition from high school to college or pursue postgraduate education will frequently be tested on their narrative skills – be it as part of college applications, personal statements, college essays or interviews. This tried and tested course will equip you with the skills to develop a strong public narrative that showcases your values and influence the reader through shared values, ultimately allowing you to set yourself apart in the competitive process.

Personalized help on your college application essays will also be offered post session.

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Participants can sign up by contacting us at:
Phone: 9842385996


Event: Narrative Impact: Storytell Your Way Into College
Date: November 16 2019 | 30 Kartik 2076
Time: 9 AM - 1 PM
Location: Nepal Leadership Academy, Sanepa, Lalitpur
Cost: NRP 2500 (Let us know if the cost is prohibitive)
Seats are limited.


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Event Details