Nepal Fintech Summit and Expo 2019

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The 2 days event aims to innovate the FinTech & Cyber Security ecosystem in Nepal by bringing in leading FinTech Leaders and Innovators from around the world. The event will also help create top-notch accelerator programs and immersive dialogue between speakers and participants. The Summit will bring together leading Tech Leaders, academics, central bankers and bank supervisors, insurers, government agencies to discuss various innovations, cutting edge technology and latest trends.

By investing in emerging technology Banks and Financial institutions can expect their investments to help build their business, improve customer loyalty, create new revenue streams and increase market share—all key components in improving overall competitiveness.

Banks and other financial institutions carry important information about the customers and the attackers know it, so it important for banks and financial institutions to have a robust cyber security in place.

With Big Data comes big opportunities for the fintech industry such as in developing better security, faster payment solutions and seamless customer experience. Combined with Artificial Intelligence driven platforms, the industry will be revolutionized.

From cutting down costs to clamping down on unrestrained bureaucracy in traditional banking, blockchain in the fintech industry is designed to make banking a more seamless and efficient experience for both banks and customers alike.

The rise of FinTech has fundamentally changed the way consumers use banking and payment services. With mobile wallets and digital payments, the impact of FinTech on banking and payments has been disruptive.

RegTech is a seamless way for banks to meet risk and compliance requirements, without the need to overhaul their existing models entirely. RegTech is poised to be the future of facilitating compliance management and minimise regulatory risks.

Nepal Fintech Summit And Expo

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The Summit & Expo will highlight cutting-edge Technological innovations that have transformed the global financial landscape and showcase some of the leading Tech offerings in the market today. From Thought Leadership Keynotes, Case Studies and Tech presentations, attendees will be informed of the latest trends and best practices in the Industry.

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Event Details