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Ladies and gentlemen,

At Smart Club, we practice public speaking every Saturday. Each week, we vote for one best speaker as the 'Speaker of the Week.' And, after three weeks, at the end of the month, we vote one best speaker as the 'Speaker of the Month.'

This Saturday, we are voting for one 'Best Among the Bests' speaker among all the speakers of the months. Join us this Saturday to witness this special session.

There will be two rounds. In the first round, Speakers will deliver a pre-decided speech and the second round will be impromptu. Finally, we will award all the speakers.

Here are the contenders for the 'Speaker of the Tenure':

- Srijan Poudel
- Swikar Bhattarai
- Sanbaj Ansari

Co-ordinator: Arjun Bhattarai

Come join us this saturday to witness this special session as well as to vote for the speaker of the tenure.

The venue is King's College, which is located at Babarmahal.

Please feel free to call at (9851067432 / 9860862162) if you have any queries. Registration can be done at the venue at just Rs 25.

Note: Please reach the venue by 7:45 am

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Event Details