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Become an Advanced Certified Professional in Education

For the first time in Nepal "Rajarshi Gurukul collaborates with Scottish high International School in India" to bring an evolution into the world of education.

One of the key issues in higher education towards the end of the 20 th century was the debate about the respective virtues and requirements of traditional academic education and vocational education. Much of the debate took place within schools and universities, particularly in the new context of the knowledge society. Many professions once wholly practiced by persons not holding a university degree saw increased demands for training. One consequence was the introduction of more professional courses into the school and university system in some countries, and a greater emphasis on the utility value of courses in those countries with progressive education system.

Understanding the effects of vocational pedagogies, and particularly of learner centered approaches, matters the most.

Come experience it yourself!!!

For registration and cost details, please visit : http://www.rajarshigurukul.edu.np/training/
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