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An evening where you meet persons of different walks of life, and perhaps find romance.
Meet new people, feel some sparks, have a good time.

Speed Dating

Includes a yummy glass of mocktail

Some important notes:
Minimum age: 25 years/ single.
Prior registration compulsory. You can’t walk in on the day without registration.
Registration fee : Rs 2000 (Includes a yummy glass of mocktail) + Vouchers?
Dress code: Smart casual. Nothing too fancy but comfortable and pleasing. Remember - first impressions always leave a mark. Tips for men: Try not to wear too much perfume. Tips for ladies: Try not to dress too formal or too heavy make up.

Rules of Speed dating:

Speed dating is an event where matchmaking process occurs within certain rules and regulations. It basically encourages single men and women to meet a group of potential partners within a short amount of time.

Some rules or formats:
Only one man and one lady shall sit in a table at one time.
The couple will get six minutes each to speak to each other and decide if they want to go further.
After each interval, the organiser notifies the men to move to the next table whereas ladies remain seated at the same place. The rotation happens to the right of every table.
Each participant receives a checklist where they can put tick marks for the ones that they grow a liking to.
No personal contacts shall be shared at the date - this shall be passed unto the participants by the organisers a few days after the event.

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