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Jiri valley lies at the distance of 55 Km east from Charikot and 188 Km northeast from Kathmandu. Swiss tourists compare this valley with beautiful city of Switzerland, Jurich. The valley has its own importance being the gateway to Mt. Everest. It is from jiri that you start your trek to Those, Cherdung, Thodung. Walking around jiri valley or up to the cherdung cheese factory (1hour distance) will be a welcome exercise for your legs before starting one the long way back from Jiri. Jiri & village nearby is the home of jirel which is not found in other district of Nepal. This fact could be an interesting subject for sociological research & having special interest on it. The express bus from Kathmandu to Jiri takes about 7 hours, while the local bus can take as long as 10 or 12 hours. Jiri is a large town at the end of the paved road. The hike begins the following day with a long, so we can stay at Jiri. There are several lodges in Jiri.
Living the Jiri on early morning of the next day of the travel, the path begins to jump up to Kuthame Dada and the jump down to reach Shivalaya. This way is also gateway to Mt. Everest, so we can also meet foreign toursits. The ups and downs become more numerous and the terrain gets rougher. It offers a wide range of environments and numerous outstanding vistas. After 4/5 hrs walk from Shivalaya, we can reach Khahare village of Ramechhap district and our treking of following day ends here. We can find houses of Sherpas for the lodging and fooding in Khahare Village.
Leaving the Khahare, the trail begins steep ups and also we can not find the people living villages. It offers a wide range of environments and we can see many kinds of animal and birds on the route, also need to cross the Khimti river. After walking 8-10 hrs ups from the Khahare village, we reach at MaaniDanda, which is l0cated at more than 4000m in altitude, and we can relief here. Then after 5-6hrs walk, we can reach Jatta Pokhari or Panchh Pokhari at the dark night. Then we have to manage for the lodging because in this area we can not find any houses for the stay, so we can stay at small cave there. We have to bring for the fooding by ourselves. Early morning all people take a bath from the water of pond. After taking a bath, it is believe that our health would be good and we can relief from any deseases, and it is also believe that anyone's sin can be relief by taking the bath. These ponds are important not only by religious thinking but also important by natureally beautyful scenary and wide range of environments.

  • September 25, 2019
    Kathmandu to shivalaya and kaharey

    Drive Kathmandu to shivalaya (1790m) then last stop khahare (2175m) takes nine hours.overnite at lodge

  • September 26, 2019
    2nd day

    Trek from Khahare (2175m) to Maanedanda (3940m),overnite at camp

3rd day
  • September 27, 2019
    3rd day

    Day 3: Trek Maanedanda to Jattapokhari (4200m) 2hrs .Paanchpokhari (4515m)1.5hrs...Overnite at camp

4th day
  • September 28, 2019
    4th day

    Trek Paanchpokhari to Shivalaya

5th day
  • September 29, 2019
    5th day

    Drive back to Kathmandu

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