Workshop on Basics of Emergency Medicine

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The Department of General Practice and Emergency Medicine, Kathmandu Medical College jointly with the Emergency Department of UT Health San Antonio is organizing a 2-day workshop on Basics of Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine is one of the youngest specialties in Nepal. The practice of Emergency Medicine requires a unique approach to assessment and application of emergency procedures in the management of patients. This workshop will highlight the introduction to the practices of Emergency Medicine and discussion on various topics including patient assessment, the use of bedside ultrasound and emergency procedural skills through lectures, small group sessions and hands on.
Day 1
• ABC’s and ER Patient Interview
• Basics of trauma and shock
• Airway and trauma workshop
• FAST and eFAST workshop

Day 2
• Respiratory, cardiovascular and neurology emergencies
• ECG workshop
• Basic X ray and CT scans interpretation in emergency
• Bedside Ultrasonography in Emergency-


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Event Details