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Round Table International
Founded at Norwich in Britain in 1927 by Emino William Luis Marchesi, today has
branched out in over 65 countries of the world with 40 thousand members as Round
Table International. All over the world, it provides service to the nation, taking into
account the realities and needs of their country. Round Table is an organization of
non-political and non-sectarian young men between the age group of 18 and 40.
The aim of the young men is to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National
and International affairs. The unique feature of this organization is that it always
remains young, because the Tablers retire when they turn 40, giving way to younger
people. Round Table's motto is "ADOPT, ADAPT, IMPROVE". Today Round Table
is a truly international organization with over 34,000 members in 60 different
countries. Together we all stand for fun and friendship, service in our communities
and unique and everlasting friendships which have no borders.
Round Table Nepal
Round Table Nepal is motivated by the same spirit to provide its service to the nation.
Initially established in Nepal in 1989 as Kathmandu Round Table No. 1 under Round
Table India Area 4, Mr. C.K. Golchha started the Round Table movement by winning
the confidence of renowned industrialists, businessmen & professionals from different
Since then Round Table Nepal has grown into 28 Tables operating in Kathmandu,
Birgunj, Biratnagar, Dharan, Narayanghat, Birtamode and Dhangadi. Round Table
Nepal has adopted a long-term social service theme of “Build the Nation Through

The purpose of Round Table is to make the most of the spare time from business to
serve the people. It is also a common platform for meetings to discuss towards
contributing to social development. The Round Table movement has encouraged
young business entrepreneurs and industrialists to be responsible towards the larger
Millions of Nepalese children have never, ever been to school. Illiteracy is a self-
fulfilling curse that perpetuates the chain of poverty, degradation and child labor. To
reach out to this group of underprivileged children, since the year 1999, RT Nepal
across the country started adopting projects aimed at providing quality school
infrastructure, and then in 1999 this project was formalized and thus born the National
Project of Round Table Nepal “Freedom Through Education” – In pursuit of
educating underprivileged children Round Table Nepal’s focus on Infrastructure-
Building is aimed at promoting Education for Posterity and hence RT Nepal has put in
colossal efforts to build FTE School Blocks across the nation.

Circus Kathmandu
Founded in 2010, Circus Kathmandu is Nepal’s first and most talent-rich
contemporary circus company and one of the nation’s most unique social enterprises.
Having performed for audiences around the globe, they provide a distinct fusion of
all-human circus, theatre, dance and cutting edge art forms to create an exciting and
modern form of entertainment for all ages.
The arts are increasingly seen as a vital player in social change movements, by
appealing to the imagination and helping people to envision a different world: a
different version of themselves or their communities. There outreach project, Sapana,
harnesses the magic of circus and the power of story-telling to uniquely connect with
community audiences.
They work with NGO’s as advocates and workshop leaders to facilitate discussion on
various social issues within communities. There unique form of engagement grabs
people’s attention and supports thinking about social change in a different, solution-
focused way. They work at grassroots level with people who can make change happen
– the same people who are most adversely affected by issues such as trafficking,
women’s health and equality, who stand to gain the most by change – the targeted
families and communities themselves.

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